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My Journey Through Diverse Industries and the Path to Resilience

I've had the privilege of accumulating a wealth of experiences across various industries throughout my career. These experiences have not only shaped my professional journey but have also contributed to the unique perspective I bring to each Keynote Speech, Conference Presentation, Workshop, and Education session. Allow me to take you on a journey through my eclectic career, from my early days in pharmaceuticals to my current focus on resilience and mental health.

I embarked on my professional journey in the pharmaceutical industry that demanded precision and attention to detail. It was after that, when I first learned to type on an IBM golf-ball typewriter, a skill that would prove invaluable in the administrative roles that followed.

My career path was far from linear, as I transitioned from pharmaceuticals to the dynamic world of retail, where I worked with both national and local brands. The challenges of the retail landscape taught me adaptability and the importance of understanding customer needs.

My career took an exciting turn as I ventured into law, construction, landscaping, arboriculture, and even established my own healing and wellness center. Each of these diverse roles enriched my skill set and broadened my horizons.

Belinda J Shaw - Speaker

In the construction industry, I embraced the role of Project Manager, overseeing numerous high-rise developments in the bustling heart of Brisbane's CBD. It was during this time that I delved into Workplace Health and Safety, particularly at the onset of the WHS (Qld) Act for Multiplex Constructions at the Warner Brothers Movie World site on the Gold Coast. These were exhilarating times, and while it was initially a 'boys club,' I found it both rewarding and enjoyable once I had broken through the barriers.

Transitioning to the world of project home builders, I worked as a color and product consultant. Here, my spatial awareness allowed me to guide clients in visualizing the placement of scaled furniture within their new homes. Collaborating with Dulux provided me with the opportunity to use my knowledge of colors and products to assist countless homeowners and business owners in selecting color schemes that reflected their values and aspirations.

My role as a director at The Tree Doctor (Qld) Pty Ltd opened doors to international experiences. I had the privilege of traveling to the USA and UK for conferences and even had the honor of judging the International Tree Climbing Championships. These experiences not only deepened my understanding of the industry but also exposed me to diverse cultures and their approaches to ever-evolving workplaces.

Life, however, is not without its trials. The breakdown of my marriage became a pivotal moment in my personal journey.

It prompted me to explore the art of simple living and re-evaluate my values and principles. I made a conscious decision to be kind not only to others but also to myself.

My book, "The Becoming of Wisdom, From Fragmented to Free,"

published in 2020, allowed me to reflect on my personal growth and professional knowledge. It became apparent that all my experiences had coalesced into a vast repository of wisdom, from which I could draw relevant stories for various situations.


One of my passions is speaking about resilience and mental health. I approach these topics with compassion and empathy, striving for tangible results. Over the years, I've developed a framework known as Resilient R.O.A.R., which I share through Training Days and Retreat weekends, helping others discover their own resilience.

In summary, my career journey has been anything but conventional. It has been a tapestry of diverse experiences that have equipped me to approach life's challenges with resilience and grace.

My hope is to continue sharing these insights and empowering others to embark on their own journeys of

self-discovery and resilience.