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Bespoke Keynote Presentations

Each keynote presentation is customised for your audience.

It can be delivered across a variety of time frames, our most popular being 30, 60, 90 minutes.

Our 3 most popular keynote addresses are:

1. From Beige to Brilliance - The Colours of Resilience

2. Finding Your Resilient R.O.A.R.




The Colours of Resilience!

We all want to be useful to others in some way. We want to feel needed, competent(loved) and that we are making a difference.

People who are Wildly useful are not necessarily smarter, better connected, or more competent — what makes someone wildly useful is their resilience, their attitude, and the values they bring into every room, every conversation, every experience.

Being wildly useful means to bring all of you into every conversation, every interaction, every experience, every time.

The Resilient R.O.A.R.(TM) allows us to discover where we can do better, be better, have more and give more. It is a process of now, a process of discovery, and a process of transformation.

You will discover what is working and what is not, what opportunities are potentially being lost, your attitude about it all and what results are you currently getting.

You will look at what you can do better, how to bring order to your physical and mental spaces, what attributes you need to develop, the art of compassionate indifference. And lastly, we will check in with what rewards you seek, what is it you most desire.

Belinda’s expertise in being Wildly useful comes from years of working in retail, paint and colour, fashion, feng shui, alternative healing in her own business and managing for national brands. It also springs from the corporate box, from the drive to succeed and rise to the top.

Understanding that Colour, Design and Flow through your shop, your office or your café effects sales and customer buying patterns. Affects the way your team interacts inside the business and in the customer facing roles.

In Belinda’s book "The Becoming of Wisdom",

she discusses resilience and how being useful to others overcomes our self-loathing, self-sabotage and frees us to that place where anything is possible, that place where

Perception, Reality and Truth intersect.

The gift we have as survivors, is the story we must tell. It shows up as wisdom, resilience, and an incredible desire to be wildly useful to others.

1. Your top 5 values

2. How to be wildly useful to those that matter

3. How to build our resilience muscle using The Resilient R.O.A.R.(TM) process

4. How to use and share your innate wisdom



Finding your Resilient R.O.A.R.

Takeaways include:

1. Aligning a positive mindset with proactive physical activities that keep you connected and handle the stresses of life.

2. Building and developing stronger RELATIONSHIPS

3. Cultivating SELF-CARE practices that support your whole life, mind, body, heart and spirit both now and in the future.

4. Developing CONFIDENCE to adapt to change and uncertainty with flexibility and agility.

5. Education is not a one-time thing, it’s a practice. Being a lifelong learner gives you the edge that allows you to continue to grow and expand your viewpoints.

Resilience abilities are vital in today’s world both personally and professionally and the ‘bounce-back’ from setbacks and challenges is critical for your success and wellbeing. Most people I speak with, acknowledge that the ‘bounce-back’ is important. It can be exhausting and what most actually want is transcendence.

Transcendence is the ability to move past where you were, to be even more congruent, authentic and impactful.

In her Keynote speech entitled The Resilient R.O.A.R, Belinda explores the 10 most important Resilience Abilities and how you can develop them to help you navigate life’s ups and downs. From learning about building better relationships to enlightenment, learn practical strategies for boosting your resilience abilities and thriving in any situation.

Drawing on real-life examples and the latest research in psychology and neuroscience, this keynote, the Resilient R.O.A.R. will provide you with insights and tools to help and assist you, both now and in the future.


These 5 principles allow you to weather the storms of life and to stay ahead of the curve to seize new opportunities.

Get ready to discover your Resilience Abilities and unlock your opportunities to thrive in life.


Retail Industry - Recalibration of how you do business.


Gone are the days of retail businesses just delivering a service. Your customers want a memorable experience.

From the moment they look into the window, to the moment they make a purchasing decision and leave your store.

Customers must be engaged and feel that sense of belonging like they have been embraced by a friend. A knowledgeable, truthful and loyal friend who would only ever want the best for them.

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The Customer Experience is your Golden Ticket

Every day Every time Without fail

The global market has always been at our fingertips but not always immediately at our doorstep. Thanks to retailers upping their game because of the pandemic, that global market is now arriving at our feet in a matter of days, sometimes mere hours. We are entering a recalibration. There is no going back to life exactly as it was.

Gathering your experienced team, understanding the massive benefits of free-flowing communication, knowing that retail must not have 'sales' every other week, working the most appropriate opening hours, and having a store with clever design and flow, ultimately leads to your customers having the best experience in your store.

Belinda guides Retailers to recalibrate their Bricks and Mortar Stores as well as their social marketing activities.

She uses her tried and proven 5-part Retail Recalibration Process.

1. Design and Flow

2. Team Experience

3. Communication

4. Pricing and Sales

5. Opening Hours


“I was feeling in limbo and a bit stuck. Spending time with Belinda allowed me to focus on my blocks, and I came away with an open and clear mind. This all flowed into me with the heartfelt intention from Belinda, and having a positive space and time. A precious gift of time.”

E Duncan

“I was exhausted and unsure of my pathway ahead. Belinda took us through a process to search deeply into our thoughts, values and beliefs. Getting clarity on what I wanted to achieve and the steps to attain those goals was enlightening.

V Tate

“Choosing to spend time with Belinda Shaw has been hugely beneficial to both me and my business. Her ability to identify challenges, provide even more options for adding value and highlighting how clarity and direction can be achieved with some simple steps and structure has allowed me to see my business through a different lens. Her workshops deliver transformations and her sessions challenge your current thinking patterns…. Especially effective where these patterns aren’t getting the results you want. I recommend Belinda Shaw to those in my networks and hope they get to see first-hand how change can be created when working together.”

Paul Farmer

Managing Director Mentoris Group